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JAMB lists prohibited items in the exam hall & biometric instructions

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As we gear up for the 2024 JAMB CBT exams, candidates are to note that there are prohibited items that are not allowed into the exam hall.

The only items allowed into the exam hall for the 2024 UTME are an HB pencil and an extra copy of your JAMB exam slip. According to JAMB, this is to ensure that the Board’s examinations meet the best global practice.

The JAMB exam comes up on April 19th and will run until April 29th, 2024. Ensure you are practicing daily with the JAMB CBT Mobile App/ Computer Software for 2024 UTME now to unlock 60,000 JAMB past questions with 100% offline access to answers, explanations and online video lessons or the Osilight JAMB Past Question papers from 2007 to 2023.

Candidates are hereby required to properly examine the list and take note of the prohibited items, to avoid complications during the UTME exercise. Candidates who bring any of the items highlighted below to the hall will be disallowed from taking the UTME.

Below is the complete list of Prohibited Items listed by JAMB

  1. Watches
  2. Pen/Biro
  3. Mobile Phones or Similar Electronic Devices
  4. Spy Reading Glasses Which Should be Scrutinized
  5. Calculators or Similar Electronic Devices
  6. USB, CD, Hard Disk, and or Similar Storage Devices
  7. Books and Any Reading/Writing Material
  8. Cameras
  9. Recorders
  10. Microphones
  11. Ear Pieces
  12. Ink/Pen Readers
  13. Smart Lenses
  14. Smart Rings/Jewelry
  15. Smart Buttons
  16. Bluetooth Devices
  17. Key Holders
  18. ATM Cards
  19. Erasers

Also, where an examination official (board staff or ad hoc staff) or any authorized person is found with any of these prohibited items in the examination hall, such compromising action would be treated as a deliberate act of examination sabotage and necessary sanction will be applied.

Instructions on Biometric Verification

  1. Biometric Verification will be the only mode for the admittance of candidates into the examination centre. Strict adherence to the guide on compulsory biometric verification of every candidate is required.
  2. No Candidate should be kept waiting if he/she cannot be verified. Such a candidate should be recaptured at the centre before leaving. ONLY genuine cases will subsequently be treated.
  3. There is no other Attendance Register apart from the biometric verification. Biometric verification will also serve as Attendance Register during examinations.
  4. Photo Albums will only carry pictures with no marking points for either Present or Absent status.
  5. All Examination Officials, including the security agents, are to ensure compliance with all guidelines, rules and regulations on the examination.


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