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UNIABUJA gets NUC Accreditation for 22 programs and 4 interim

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We bring you cheering news that the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) has finally gotten accreditation for all 26 academic programs recently presented to the National Universities Commission (NUC).

UNIABUJA was fully accredited by the NUC school body for 22 programs while only 4 have interim accreditation status. Banking and Finance, English, Computer Science that previously had Interim accreditation now have full accreditation!

Academic Programmes with FULL Accreditation:

  1. Banking and Finance
  2. Agriculture
  3. Christian Religious Knowledge
  4. English
  5. Linguistics
  6. Islamic Studies
  7. Philosophy
  8. Computer Science
  9. Agricultural Education
  10. Education Biology
  11. Education Chemistry
  12. Education Economics
  13. Education Mathematics
  14. Environmental Education
  15. Civil Engineering
  16. Electrical Engineering
  17. Biology
  18. Mathematics
  19. Physics
  20. Statistics
  21. Geography
  22. Political Science and International Relations

Academic Programmes with Interim Accreditation:

  1. Economics
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Integrated Science

It is pertinent to note that all accredited programmes have validity periods of five years. Therefore, all other programmes not listed here still enjoy their full accreditation status before the next exercise by NUC.

Sharing the news on email to the University community, the vice-chancellor, Professor Abdul-Rasheed Na’Allah said, “I want to seize on this happy, joyful and celebratory moment for our entire campus to yet again appeal to UniAbuja Branch of ASUU and all those academic staff who have abandoned their classes to please return to class now. This success was achieved together, with every body working hard and putting up the best of the UofA spirit”.


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